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Reminiscences of my favourite city

Clear blue sky, white fluffy clouds floating over the sky and the dance of the kashphul across the field adjacent to my bedroom window! It’s autumn and days before the greatest festival for us Bengalis... I woke up on an... Continue Reading →

The summer of 1998

It was a year of intense summer. The scorching heat of the sun, the parched earth and how the summer is making lives insufferable were topics discussed and debated. There were multiple economic issues bothering the nation. Nuclear bomb-test explosions,... Continue Reading →

Gateway to Heaven

It was one beautiful sunny Saturday morning when I chanced to tread upon this stairway to Heaven. This was a tad broken and quite shabby, but sure it took me to that land of unadulterated joy from which there was... Continue Reading →

Renuka’s Days

At 4 feet 8 inches, Renuka could be called quite short. A woman with the gait of a bird, she was perpetually in a hurry – hurry to go to someone’s house to clean the floors, hurry to rush back... Continue Reading →

Salaam Shiridi!

Solace, solitude, succour – had gone to Shiridi searching for these but ended up getting a lot more. After years, I made a trip with Mother and apart from having a good Darshan, amazing food and great fun, I gathered... Continue Reading →

When Sunday became spicier with grilled chicken in honey mustard sauce

It was one lazy Sunday evening when Mother decided to get very experimental in the kitchen. The man of the house was ordered to bring forth the required ingredients to give shape to the culinary aspiration that had taken birth... Continue Reading →

Break the monotony of the daily grind – How?

For many of us, life is a series of repeating the same old events. From morning till night we run after things that are essential for our survival but mostly not pleasing for our souls. Many times we do things... Continue Reading →

Over 30 and still aren’t a mother? Preposterous!

Such is the general perception society has about women 30 years and beyond. Getting married at 25 and having the first child by 28 has become a norm of some sort, set by God-knows-who but followed by millions. Naturally, the... Continue Reading →

Reminiscing the land of pretty waterfalls – Kharghar

This year, around May it was decided that we will be moving out of Kharghar, a picturesque Navi Mumbai town in Maharashtra. My husband got a new job in another corner of Bombay and therefore the decision to shift. First time... Continue Reading →

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