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Wishes at the dawn of a New Year

It’s a new year – a time for new beginnings, new promises, and new hopes. The year that’s gone by had been good, sometimes not so good, yet what it gave us was the learning that would help us lead... Continue Reading →


Goodbye 2017

The year is coming to an end. It’s a moment of nostalgia for many of us – time to reflect and ponder how the year went by. Everyone had moments of highs and lows. After a year has gone by... Continue Reading →

Visiting Malcom Peth or popularly Mahabaleshwar

Bombay as a city has some magical elements in it. Be it the people the place and life, everything in here is one of a kind. And another great aspect about this Maximum City is its weekend getaways. So last... Continue Reading →

Christmas Gift

It was a beautiful Friday morning. The sky was clear after weeks it seemed. The rays of the sun seemed to peep in from behind the clouds. Even though Rose loved the rains, this sunny respite seemed to add on... Continue Reading →

How to tame an abandoned pup

This year on Children’s Day I received a message from an unknown number telling me about an abandoned pup who’s seeking a permanent home. I don’t know why but without weighing the pros and cons of such an important step,... Continue Reading →

Helplessly in love

Has it ever happened that you have loved anyone like crazy? Have you ever felt the pangs of this powerful emotion so badly that it seemed the world will fall apart without the loved one in your life? Had the... Continue Reading →

Can I please go back?

Familiar roads, the taste of a sweet flower juice, Durga Pujo concert rehearsals and then an old tune, I often wake up with this and similar other incoherent dreams, which kind of take me back to my roots, the place... Continue Reading →

Rise up in LOVE

  What happens when you love someone too much? Well, first of all you start considering the person the finest creation of God. Even the person’s most irksome habits seem most tolerable and you are ready to overlook them most... Continue Reading →

Spotting THE TIGER in Ranthambore

Well, spotting a tiger in Ranthambore, or for that matter anywhere except for a zoo, is just sheer luck and anyone who has had ventured off for the wild cat out in the jungles, would certainly agree. It might take... Continue Reading →

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